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Hiring Artists

This document contains some important notes about Artist Engagement, but in no way supersedes the AMP Terms of Use and the AMP Payment Terms. Please read these contract documents again if you have questions.

To book an Artist’s date, 100% of the performance fee will be required at the time of Booking. The reservation will only be confirmed after payment confirmation.

We recommend that you only make the Reservation when you are ready, as once the Reservation has been made, the Reservation may not be canceled outside the circumstances described in our Force Majeure Cancellation Policy.

Total Fees (including Performance Amount, AMP Service Fees and Taxes if applicable) will be debited from your Payment Method as soon as the Artist confirms the Booking Request made by the Host.

If your Payment Form is out of date and the transaction is not completed successfully, and the problem is not remedied by the Host within 24 hours of Artist Booking Request Acceptance, such Booking will be canceled and the Date will be released from the calendar. of the artist. The same will apply to payments by bank transfer, which must also be completed within 24 hours of Artist’s Acceptance of a Reservation Request.

If the Artist cancels the Host’s confirmed non-fault Date, the Host will receive a 100% refund of the amounts already paid. If the Host is at fault, our team will review the case to see if there is a refund and how much.

In the event of cancellation in any of the circumstances described in our Force Majeure Cancellation Policy, the Host will receive a 100% refund of the amounts already paid.

NOTE: Never pay your reservation outside of AMP, because in addition to losing the protections of the AMP market and risking losing your money, you may be eliminated from our market. If someone asks you to pay for performance outside of our on-site payment system, please report it to us via Contact Us.

Booking Request

During the Booking a Date process, the Event Planner will choose the date (s) you wish to reserve. 

The dates chosen by the Event Organizer will be automatically blocked from the Artists calendar as soon as the Reservation Request is made and until the Artist accepts or declines the request, or until the order expires within 24 hours or the Event Organizer withdraws. the request. 

If the Artist accepts the Reservation Request, the reserved dates will continue to be blocked for 24 hours after acceptance, pending payment and verification. 

If the Artist Profile has Instant Booking enabled, the Artist may pre-approve the Booking of a Date that the Event Organizer requests and choose to keep dates locked for 24 hours that the Event Organizer has to make payment.

Event Planners sometimes submit a Reservation inquiry for certain dates before submitting a Reservation request. Dates will remain open for multiple Event Planners to submit inquiries until the Artist has a Pending Reservation request. 

Once payment is made and confirmed, the Date Reservation will be confirmed. The only way to unlock dates after a Reservation is confirmed is by canceling it, which will result in the total loss of any amount paid, except as described in our Force Majeure Cancellation Policy.