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Artist Marketplace is a booking management software solution for artists, agents and agencies.

Artist Marketplace is the only digital platform artists, agents and agencies need to save time, maximize profits and book more shows. With a booking calendar,and reservations system artists can accept, decline or offer a counter-proposal with one click. With every new member of Artist Marketplace the built in demand for every type of artist grows exponentially.

Artist Profile

Create your free account and create your artist profile.

Create your artist profile and give event organizers the opportunity to book you for their next event. Create and then edit your videos, photo’s, performance fee and technical rider any time.

Booking Calendar

Update your calendar with availability and promotional prices

Update your booking calendar by blocking dates you can’t perform. Click on a date to turn it red and instantly stop reciving booking requests. Increase your price for specific dates to make more money or offer discounts to encourage event organizers to book you last minute.

Create your FREE artist account.

Fill up your calendar and bank account by playing more shows.

Booking Channels

Update your social media, email and text messages with you booking details.

Present event oragnizers with a unified and professional booking experience by updating your social media, websites, text and email with your Artist Marketplace booking details.

Our booking platform and customer success team works 24/7 to ensure you get booked for the best possible events.


Send and recieve secure diret messages with event organizers.
After event organizers register for an Artist Marketplace account they can send you direct messages before, during and after the booking process. You’ll get notifications via email every time a message arrives.


Accept, reject or offer a counter proposal

Keep your booking calendar updated with available dates and accurate prices so event organizers don’t waste their time or yours.

Your performance fee is determined by you. Set a baseline price for week days and weekends and update pricing for specific days.

After you get a booking request you can send a counter proposal if you need to add travel, taxes or other additional costs. Remember that counter proposal’s decrease booking acceptance rates by over 50%.


Get paid by credit cards or ACH.

Artist Marketplace payments are powered by Stripe, the same payment provider that supports services like Uber and Airbnb.

Event organizer payment options

  1. Credit Card – up to 12 installments with payment processing and interest paid by event organizers. You get paid 100% within 2-3 business days.
  2. ACH – up to 12 installments with no payment processing or interest. You get paid 2-3 business days after each installment payment is recieved.

Artist Marketplace Fees

Artist Marketplace adds a percentage to your final price, depending on if you are self managed, an agent or agency. You always get 100% of your performance, logistics costs and taxes you collect.

  1. Self-Managed (1 artist) – we charge event organizers an extra 10% 
  2. Agents (2-5 artists) – we charge event organizers an extra 5%
  3. Agencies (5+ artists) – we charge event organizers an extra 2.5%

We are here for you 24/7

Your success is our artist succcess teams priority

Never deal with collecting payments, resolving disputes or enforcing your technical rider again. Our customer success team is available in the rare occasion difficult situations arise.

An Artist Marketplace

Get discoverd and book in our Artist Marketplace

In addition to having everything you need to manage your bookings, Artist Marketplace is open to event organizers 24/7, 365 days a years. Our artist search engine presents your arist profile or organizers interested in booking an artist for your genrea. Our marketing team works tirelessly to raise awareness for you with ready buyers.

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